Beach Ranger Trainer, Rhiann

As we approach the end of the year, myself (Rhiann) – a Beach Ranger Trainer- and the rest of the Your Shore Beach Rangers team are reflecting on what a wonderful year it’s been! Full of educational events, inspirational workshops and enlightened engagement. We’ve seen expansion in all areas of the project, from growth in numbers of young people joining the Beach Rangers Academy and achieving their bronze, silver, gold and pro awards, to the development of new and relevant lesson plans for schools, colleges, universities, home school groups and communities. With lots lined up and plenty of collaboration opportunities, join our Your Shore Network and share our mission in engaging, inspiring and protecting into next year and beyond.  

Youth Engagement Officer, Jenn

What a year it’s been! Jenn here, the YSBR Youth Engagement Officer, reflecting on what can only be described as an AMAZING year (for those of you who know me, you know it’s  one of my favourite words). Working with youth in the community continues to be the most rewarding role; beach cleans, radical and night time rockpools, snorkels, coasteering, film nights, you name it, we done it! And don’t worry if you’ve missed it, they’ll be much more to come next year. Bigger better, more people engaged with the marine environment. 

Academy Officer, Brender

Brender from the Beach Ranger Academy here… just echoing Jenn’s sentiments!! It’s been awesome!!! We have delivered activities and training to 100’s of young people across the county, in schools, colleges, universities, home school groups and the community and have had seen them achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and even moving onto Beach Ranger Pro – it’s AMAZING and there is even more to come.  If you, your school or group want to get involved in 2020 there is still time … just contact us through the website – the more the merrier.  

Project Apprentice, Jodie

Are we already at the end of 2019?! Jodie here, the YSBR Project Apprentice looking back on an incredible year for myself as well as the project. Since starting in April, I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities, including becoming a snorkel leader, speaking at the Now for Nature Conference in London and taking over The Wildlife Trust’s Instagram twice as part of National Marine Week. As always, I’m inspired by the wonderful people I’ve met in the Your Shore Network and I’m super eager to see you all again at the conference in February!!  

Community Engagement Officer, Jax

Finally, from me (Jax, YSBR Community Engagement Officer), huge thanks to all 17 of our BRILLIANT Your Shore community groups for their passion and dedication to protecting Cornwall’s coast and marine life – including a big welcome to the 2 newest kids on the block, in Perranporth and St Ives Bay. Big thanks too, to all the many other fantastic marine conservation organisations in and around Cornwall; the amount of conservation work which happens here is truly incredible – and is only possible due to the hard work, commitment and dedication of hundreds of volunteers.

Project Manager, Abby

We welcomed back our wonderful Project Manager and Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Conservation Officer, Abby – massive thanks to the brilliant Niki for looking after us so well in Abby’s absence (and we’re glad you’re only across the office in ERCCIS). Our first ever apprentice Adele finished her apprenticeship this year and is now working with Natural England!

Adele, Jax, Jenn and Niki at the Your Shore Conference 2019

We have an exciting year ahead – our final year of the Your Shore Beach Rangers project! With lots more brilliant events, both from us and the local groups, keep an eye out and get involved 🙂 Until then, a very merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone.

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