Enhance your CV, learn key life skills, meet like-minded people, get active and make a positive impact on the environment.

Concerned about the future and the environment?

Stand out from the crowd, as well as boost your CV to help with UCAS and job applications.

The Beach Rangers’ academy lets you learn about the marine and coastal environment, challenge yourself as you develop new skills

Volunteer with community groups, be part of a marine network, meet like-minded people, boost your CV and stand out from the crowd.

The Your Shore Beach Ranger Project has been the inspiration for Bodmin College to work towards becoming an Eco-School. Through the activities and workshops organised by Brender and her team, the students have really been the driving force for improving our environmental commitment– it will be quite the legacy for them.

Alison PerrinBodmin College Work Skills Tutor

The Beach Rangers programme has been run throughout this academic year with all our year 8 students. Rhiann and Siobhan organised and delivered sessions that engaged our students and challenged them to think about beach safety and the environmental aspects and impact to our county and its coastline. The students enjoyed the sessions and after a series of classroom based lessons took part in a beach activity session involving games, teamwork and beach safety.

Alastair JamesPool Academy

I can thoroughly recommend the Your Shore Beach Rangers. Jenn and the team have worked with different age groups from our school and introduced marine conservation in an engaging and positive way. Sessions were well prepared and the pupils learned abut Marine Conservation whilst having fun and discovering the environment on their doorstep.

Beach shore rangers has helped to introduce pupils to the marine habitats on their doorstep and to care for their local environment

Dr Marieke Royle

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Do I have to do it all?

Beach Rangers has been designed to allow you to take part in a capacity that suits you. We want you to enjoy being a Beach Ranger and build your skills, as well as doing great work for the environment. Do as much or as little as you have time for – there is no set commitment – we appreciate that everyone is different.

How much time is involved?

You can take part in a way that suits you.  Individual training sessions can be certified.

But if you want to complete the Beach Rangers programme, there is a minimum amount of time you need to commit.

Bronze = 15 hours volunteering and 15 hours well-being activity

Silver = 25 hours volunteering and 15 hours well-being activity

Gold = 40 hours volunteering and 15 hours well-being activity

What volunteering can I do?

There are a whole load of activities you can do such as beach cleaning, helping out at youth groups and supporting charities. There are also local marine conservation groups established around Cornwall who are always on the lookout for volunteers.

If you’re not sure if it is suitable call us or drop us an email and we will talk to you about it.

What well-being activities can I do?

Anything that gets you out and active.  You can run, walk, swim, dance, take fitness classes, go kite flying, dog walking, play football, rugby, SUP, badminton, horse riding, surfing, skateboarding, roller-skating and swimming to name a few – again if you aren’t sure contact us and we can talk about it.

What training can I do?

There are loads of different training opportunities available through the academy and elsewhere covering a range of interests. Stuff like first aid, STEM training, how to make money and learning about animal rescue with the RSPCA, marine ID, First Aid, ORCA, Lifeguarding – again if you’re not sure ask us – we may even be able to help fund training for you.

Why do I need to volunteer?

When it comes to UCAS or job applications, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Volunteering can help you do this. It helps you get a foot in the door as it improves your employability skills, gives you an opportunity to meet new people and network, boosts your CV, helps you understand time management and the work place and actually has a real feel good factor.