What’s involved?

  • Life Hacking: 20 days training
  • Getting Involved: 40 hours volunteering (minimum)
  • IFit: 3 days training and 40 hours healthy activities (minimum)
  • Get On It: 3 days activity 

When is it?

Gold runs between October and June

What sort of volunteering can I do?

We want you to be inspired to volunteer, so if there’s something you want to get involved with, then you can.

If you’re unsure, here’s a few ideas:

Attending VMCA meetings (what is VMCA?); beach cleans; help out at other local clubs of your choice, like Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, a sports team, youth groups, homeless charities or mental health charities.

You’ll also attend a local council meeting or be part of a community project.

How does Life Hacking work?

Your 20 days of training will cover:

  • Keeping people happy
  • Let’s change the world
  • Marine Mammal Medic
  • Basic food hygiene
  • WISE
  • Self defence
  • Extended first aid
  • Beach lifeguard
  • Ticket to work in watersports (e.g. Surf Coach, PADI)
  • Speak easy
  • Art fusion

What’s Get On It?

Lead a team to organise and host an event. It can be a pop-up shop, museum or expedition

What’s IFit? 

3 days check your privilege and who do you think you are training

You’ll also need to log 40 hours of well-being and fitness activities, which can include running, walking, dance, fitness classes, kite flying, dog walking, football, rugby, SUP, badminton, horse riding, surfing, skateboarding, rollerskating and swimming.