Make a difference where you live by giving your local environment a voice. Inspire others to get involved and join the Your Shore community.  

Do you want to inspire the local community to get involved with marine conservation?

Do you want to raise awareness of your amazing marine environment through engaging and motivational events?

Are you concerned for the wellbeing of our coast? Help us understand the problem and be a part of the solution.

The Your Shore network is made up of a number of both longstanding and new local marine conservation groups that are always looking for local volunteers to get involved.

It’s about inspiring people to care for their local area, sharing ideas and knowledge, linking with other groups in Cornwall, meeting new people and staying active through activities, meetings, events and volunteering.

Whats the best thing about being involved with your local marine group? Joining with really pleasant like-minded folk to do something for our local Marine/Shoreline environment either by physical effort or recording/data collection.

Rob wells

If you want to volunteer with your local community group then getting involved is easy.


Search the map for activities and groups in your area


Contact your local marine group for more information

If you are already involved in a local marine conservation group, help us inspire others:

Add all of your local events onto the events page to help spread the message even further.

Help us get more young people involved with your local group by getting in touch with the Beach Ranger Academy team!

What is the level of commitment?

It’s totally up to you how much you want to get involved. Our aim is to get people doing something positive to help our local environment and protect it for future generations. Every little bit you can do will make a huge difference.

What sort of activities can I do with a community group?

There’s a range of activities you can do, whether you just turn up and support local events and activities such as beach cleans, rockpool rambles, talks and workshops, Or become more involved in the running of the group as a committee member or by organising local events and meetings, managing social media and their website or supporting education outreach with local schools. The opportunities are endless!

What about transport?

Please contact the group you want to support and find out how they get about.

Can I bring dogs?

It’s always best to check with your local group, especially if it’s an event on a beach.

Do I need any specialist knowledge or kit?

No, just your enthusiasm and willingness to get involved in something great.