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Coping with Covid

How are you all? How are you coping? It’s a difficult time but we’re hoping you’re safe and healthy, being kind to yourselves and others. We are lucky enough to still be working through the current crisis, working from home, working on new ways to bring nature to you plus keeping up with training and workshops.

April we had a Shark-tastic start, quickly changing how we interact and launching in to Shark Month! We ran an awesome series of Meet the Expert Mondays and Shark talks. And May! Mental Health Awareness month; supporting the Mental Health Foundation’s “Kindness” theme, covering all aspects of our wellbeing including finance, beach safety and yoga to name some, but why have we been doing this.

Supporting Mental Health Foundation

Well we wanted you to feel supported. Social media seems to be filled with worrying and negative things at the moment; we wanted to spread some positivity. This has actually given us a great opportunity to think outside the box and come up with new ways to engage. I’ve enjoyed it! I hope you have to. Also, we didn’t want you to feel alone. Being in full lockdown obviously meant we were unable to spend real time together, with friends or family. Isolation is a horrible situation to say the least, and can lead to many people struggling with mental health issues. If you are struggling with mental health issues, why not reach out to a friend or loved one. You can also take a look on for help and advice. Don’t suffer alone.

We’ve carried on, not only for your benefit but for our own.  Coming up with new an inventive ways of engaging with you lovely people, has certainly kept me going and focused. It’s a struggle, for some people more than others for sure, but working from home, even though it sounds ideal for some, definitely comes with its own problems like missing face to face interactions with colleagues and friends. I miss being in the sea and on the shoreline and beach, but hoping that now lockdown has eased, I may be able to spend some time (probably evenings to avoid people) around the coast.  According to an article on Science Alert (, you may be feeling more fatigued than usual. Even if your usual is a long hard day walking 15 miles delivering post, it’s the mental stress that is making everyone feel even more tired than usual. “Research has shown that tiredness can be caused by psychological states, such as stress and anxiety. In the current situation, it could even be the monotony of the situation that causes us to feel tired”.  A way to combat this is by having some structure to your day, which we hope we have been helping with, as well as exercising and setting some personal goals.

So I guess what we’re saying is thank you. Thank you for engaging and sticking with us, lets carry on supporting each other at the end of all this and fingers crossed we can get back to the water very soon.

Stay happy and healthy everyone 🙂

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