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Daisy May Harris, 22, From Shropshire

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Question – What do you feel you gained from taking part in the Beach Rangers Academy?

“I feel like I definitely gained social skills in how to be around the public. I’ve been to the conference that happened in March at Mawgen Porth and it’s where all the local marine groups came together so it was a massive event.  Went there, didn’t realise I would have to actually advertise beach rangers so with that I got to speak to people who were very interested in it or professionally involved in it and it was a great way of sharing what we do. With all the training we get for ourselves, I found it very beneficial for myself and others that are very passionate about it as well, for what I want to go on to study, I don’t really cover the marine side of things so I decided I wanted to do an extra so when beach rangers came along, I though perfect.  To get involved with the marine side but you get the training in it as well, if you’ve got ideas you can share them with beach rangers, which could then be pursued as an event which you can raise money for it, get involved with the local charities.  I’m involved with the Newquay Marine Group so the two together can do so much together.   I absolutely love it, the recent training we had was mental wellbeing because I find, myself especially, my stress de-buster is the sea.  It’s scientifically proven that being by the sea and outdoors is better for you because you’re networking with nature, your networking with the environment and the animals, the people around it and if you’re passionate ab out it, you want to share that.  It’s brilliant, I love it”.

Question – Would you recommend the Beach Rangers Academy?

“Of course I would, future generations need it, it needs to be shared”

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