YSBR Case Studies

Ethan Henderson, 22, From County Durham

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Question – What did you gain from taking part in the Beach Rangers Academy?

“I gained some communication skills and concept of awareness, it’s not just the things we all know about it’s actually going further in depth. I learnt how to communicate not only with people that I know but communicate with people who are outside of our interest and get them on to our side”.

Question – What have you actually achieved in the Beach Rangers Academy?

“I’ve got a first aid qualification now, I know what’s healthy now as well and I know not to just look at a sign and say oh well it says light food it’s alright. I know quite a lot about beach safety now which surprisingly certain people don’t know about, which is why we need to”.

Question – What did you actually do in the academy?

“I attended all of the classes, so the workshops so as health food, wellbeing and I also went to a few conferences myself. I did a few extra training activities such as first aid.  Conferences where I was meeting different people at different levels, so public to master qualifications to professors which gave me an good incite to what I need to do to get to where I want to be and what else can be improved within their own system”.

Question – Would you recommend the Beach Rangers Academy to a friend?

“I’d definitely recommend it, it helps you get a job, helps you meet people and in our line of work, you need to know people to get where you need to be”.

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