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Feeling Proud.

By 21st January 2020 January 29th, 2020 No Comments

As we approach the end of the first month of 2020, let’s hear from Rhiann as she shares some of the successes we’ve had and the proudest moments since working as a Your Shore Beach Ranger Trainer.

“With even more schools, colleges, universities, youth groups and home schools across Cornwall showing interest and getting involved, the engagement levels of young people with their local environment are at their peak, and this impact is really starting to take effect.

A real accomplishment of 2019 for me, and a true legacy for the YSBR project, was the creation of the Your Shore Beach Rangers Juniors education pack – a collection of lesson plans and teaching resources for a 5 week programme focusing on topics such as beach safety, positive wellbeing and mindfulness, employability, communication skills and sustainability. The education pack is available in hard copy as well as online at the Your Shore Beach Rangers website for any educator to access and it’s all completely free! Furthermore, I have designed and developed new and innovative lesson plans which include topics such as Digital Wellbeing, Eco-enterprising and Campaigning, which I’m excited to deliver this year.  

A particular highlight and example of how the Your Shore Beach Ranger project is inspiring young people in Cornwall is the formation of an Eco-Committee and potential development of a new Eco-School adopted by Bodmin College. Through the various activities, workshops and training sessions aimed at empowering and encouraging young people to drive change and improve their environmental awareness, a whole host of new ideas and initiatives were discussed and Bodmin College is now set to become an Eco-School.In light of new issues faced by young people and the changing times, i.e., nature-deficit disorder – the notion that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors, and the belief that this change results in a wide range of behavioural problems – it makes me incredibly proud to know that we have had such a positive impact on those individuals and helped them to become pioneers of conservation; this is my motivation for continuing with the incredible work we’re doing.

Overall, I am extremely proud that we are excelling in our efforts to develop life skills, build confidence and resilience, and increase employability for people in Cornwall and beyond, as well as succeed in tackling the 3 major challenges recognised in society today – a lack of social cohesion, a vulnerability to climate change and a lack of opportunities for young people. With plenty of events, workshops, and training already lined up, the potential engagement levels and collaboration opportunities makes the future of the Beach Rangers a very bright one”.

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