Question – What did you get from taking part in the Beach Rangers academy?

“The main thing that I got was my confidence grew loads because I learnt loads about myself, through all the training programmes. It gave me confidence to get in touch with local groups, meet new people and get involved with different organisations that were doing great things around the beach”.

Question – What did you achieve by taking part in the Beach Rangers Academy?

“I achieved quite a lot, mostly the fitness thing, I was able to get a fitness regime, was able to take part in a charity run, raised money for the Cornwall Seal Group while doing it. So I was doing another community action thing there.  But again, just achieving greater confidence and being able to talk to people a bit better”.

Question – What did you actually do as part of the Bronze Beach Rangers Academy?

“The main thing is I’m heavily involved in the Newquay Marine Group, which is the community group here in Newquay. We do loads of things like beach cleans, cetacean watches, different events to educate the community on the beach.  I also volunteered with Cornwall Seal Group which meant I developed my ID skills”.

Question – Would you recommend the Beach Rangers Academy?

“Yes, definitely, it’s definitely worth giving it a go and seeing if it’s for you”.

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