Our 9th Annual Your Shore Conference

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On Saturday 6th February, we held our annual conference. For the first time ever, it was online and the last conference of the Your Shore Beach Rangers project.

The fact that it was online, did not put people off (even though the sun was shining very brightly) and we had a huge 150 participants joining us on the day. This fast paced 3-hour event celebrated the wins of the overall project, showcasing the amazing work that still continues within the Your Shore Network, Beach Rangers Academy and the legacy of the project. We also took a glimpse at Nature Recovery and what action we can take in Cornwall, a vitally important topic. A focus of this topic was Cornwall’s lucky position as one of 5 locations to be trialing a Nature Recovery Plan, and Cornwall Council want our input to shape how this will work (have your say). Let your voices be heard. Then we moved to a short workshop to close the day, allowing participants to feedback on how they can make nature recovery happen and how Cornwall Wildlife Trust can support them, and future youth engagement, post project.

We launched our fabulous film, “Engage, Inspire, Protect”, celebrating the project’s achievements with such an amazing film maker, Lewis Jefferies really capturing the heart and soul of the project, moving many people to tears. You can watch the film here, please share far and wide.

Lewis Jefferies introducing the film.

I for one, left feeling extremely inspired (if not slightly exhausted) and we hope all involved were too. I did also feel a sense of sadness as it was my last conference as Youth Engagement Officer and though it was amazing to be able to run the conference online, we very much missed being able to walk round the building, catching up with this fantastic group of people. But I know the work will continue, long past the end of YSBR and I very much look forward to being part of it in whatever way I can.

If you missed the conference, sessions one and two are now on our YouTube channel. Next year, Cornwall Wildlife Trust will be hosting the 10th annual conference, which will be a huge achievement and something I can’t wait to attend. I’ll see you there, if not before.

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