Beach Rangers Academy empowers young people teaching them new skills, enhancing their CV, allow them to meet like-minded people whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

Want to support young people in developing their knowledge and passion about protecting the environment.

Want to teach young people key life skills to help them in the future?

The Beach Rangers’ academy has been designed to support young people with the development of key life skills.

It allows your children or pupils to learn about resilience, environmental sustainability, teamwork, initiative, leadership and taking responsibility in a full and varied way.

The Your Shore Beach Rangers Academy designs bespoke sessions and workshops taking in to account the need of each group in question.

We can deliver sessions in the classroom or on the beach.

We also teach important life skills including first aid, beach safety and financial budgeting.

"The Your Shore Beach Rangers Project has complimented and enhanced our current Work Skills Programme run at Bodmin College 6th Form. Our students have been given opportunities to engage and volunteer in environmental and conservation projects which has helped develop their life and employability skills. Taking students out of the classroom has also supported their wellbeing and given them opportunities to foster their self-confidence. The trainers involved in the programme are highly skilled and knowledgeable about their subjects and it has been a delight to be involved with such a professional team. I am excited to develop the project more within the College in the future".

Alison Perrin6th Form Work Skills Tutor - Bodmin College

"The Beach Rangers have provided our students with a fantastic range of opportunities for the past three years. The Beach Rangers have provided our students with a one off specialist day provisions and a 12 week programme of activities for targeted students. During specialist days the Beach Rangers have provided a full range of activities for our students, building on a range of skills, from resilience, team building, emotional health, fitness, first aid skills, beach safety, well -being and of course a focus on the environment and current environmental issues. Our students are always incredibly positive regarding these days and the feedback from the students is always along the lines of “we wanted longer sessions” and “can they come back in again?”.

We have recently asked the Beach Rangers to provide a 12 week selection of activities for a group of targeted students. The students have loved and responded really well to these sessions.

We, as a staff, love the bespoke nature of the Beach Rangers programme and the flexibility of the staff to support the needs of our students. They have provided a significant service to three year groups now and we are looking forward to them working with more! Nothing is ever too much trouble for Brender and her team and they are always open to new suggestions and programmes".

Clare Dingwall Poltair School

To get involved as a parent or teacher simply register an interest here.

How does this affect the timetable?

We are proud to work with a variety of ages and abilities and love to deliver activity days, workshops and educational sessions. These can be held weekly or monthly and session length can be flexible with the needs of each school.

We have run weekly programmes in PSHE sessions, as weekly challenges in others and in tutor time for some schools. We also host activity days for 140 pupils, with groups of 25, rotating around a variety of activities for other schools.  These sessions can take place in school or outdoors – whichever suits the school or group best. Our trainers all enjoy working with young people and are skilled in delivering fun and engaging educational sessions across a wide variety of topics.

What types of workshops do you run?

We run a range of workshops including first aid, beach safety, financial budgeting and developing communication skills, well-being and resilience, plastic awareness, budgeting, marine ID, event planning, leadership and teamwork. We are always open to suggestions for new ideas.

How much do the courses cost?

The great news is the courses are free.

What about transport?

We can support with transport to training locations.

Where are courses delivered?

We are able to deliver courses on or off site but like to choose the most appropriate environment for the activity – so on the beach, in the gym, wherever fits best with the aims of the session and allows the students to engage in the most meaningful way.

How many children are on each course?

We take a maximum of 25 children of similar age on each course. We ask that schools support our trainers with their own staff if possible to ensure that classroom/groups are managed well so that the learning outcomes of the session are achieved by all participants.

Are courses linked to the curriculum?

We link our courses to a range of curriculum activities including geography, science, PE and PHSE but we also try to address some of subjects that are often not a part of the mainstream curriculum.

Do we need to supply anything?

We may need IT access, but otherwise we’ll supply all the equipment needed for each course.