Did you see our first online film festival? If not, you still can, don’t panic. All films are featured on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Marine YouTube channel.

See you at the Sea Festival started last year after a conversation between myself and Jason Birt of Cornwall College Newquay. The idea stemmed from bringing together a more eclectic group of people and have the fabulous Your Shore Network and our conservation family host stands alongside artists, musicians, photographers, film makers and storytellers.  It was a huge success despite the horrendous weather that day! This year, we knew, things would need to be a little different due to the current pandemic. So after another conversation with Abby Crosby (our project manager), the online film festival idea was born, but with a twist. A film festival created by young people across Cornwall. And WOW! We did not regret it.

Saturday 28th November, beginning with an introduction from the always inspiring Emily Stevenson – Beach Guardian, See you at the Sea Festival began, showing 7 films throughout the day with introductions from me and a epic climax showing Coalesce by Tide Visuals, an amazing documentary looking at the issue of plastic pollution and the wonderful people across Cornwall who are helping to combat this (us included 😊). Participants oversaw promoting their films before and after the festival and until the 5th December to get as many watches as possible, with live results on Facebook at 12pm, with prizes of vouchers for 1st (£300), 2nd (£150) and 3rd (£50), all thanks to our sponsors, Our Bright Future, The National Lottery Community Fund and Southwest Water.

1st place was Chloe Hurst and her film Waves of Change, a fabulous look into the hard work of Clean Ocean Sailing, collecting marine litter and transporting it to Exeter to be recycled in to kayaks by Odyssey International. 2nd place went to Louis Hagger and his film, Uncovering Cornwall’s Little Known Oceans, an exploration of his local shores, observing the wonderful marine life. 3rd place we had Rowen Hemsley-Harding who used her creative talent to capture the audience’s attention whilst portraying facts about some of her favourite marine life. It was a hugely close competition and all entries were fantastic! A truly inspiring day and I’m so proud to have coordinated the festival. We even got some coverage on BBC Radio Cornwall and BBC Spotlight.

Let’s hope for the same next year.

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