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Siobhan Ditchman, 24, From St Austell

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Question – What did you gain from taking part in the Beach Rangers Academy?

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my ability and how smart I can be and how I could go out in to the community and do anything I want to do. I can talk to pretty much anyone and talk to them about what’s what”.

Question – What did you achieve by taking part in Beach Rangers Academy?

“So far I’ve achieved my Bronze award, so that’s the main thing at the moment. Heading towards Silver which I’ll be doing next year”.

Question – What does the Bronze award entail?

“A lot of volunteer work, a lot of exercise, so I’m a lot fitter and a lot of time balancing as you have your uni work, the volunteering and exercise all happening at once, so a lot f time keeping there”.

Question – So what did you actually do as part of the academy?

“I worked on a few conferences, I have met a lot people from different groups, different environmental groups, Newquay Marine Group, people from all around the country that have been part of the Your Shore surveys and different conferences especially marine mammal ones. A lot of people are ready for the future and are changes knowledge and experiences.”

Question – Would you recommend the Beach Rangers Academy?

“Definitely, it’s definitely an experience to keep going”.


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