Things you can do to protect our living seas

There’s lots you can do to protect our amazing UK marine life and the environment! Here’s just a few ideas:

1. At the coast

2. What you buy

  • Refuse: Say no to single-use items, especially plastic and polystyrene. Carry your own reusable cup, bottle, bag, cutlery and straw and find out where your nearest Refill station is. Avoid disposable wipes and find out about zero-waste periods.
  • Reduce: Question when you buy anything; will you use it more than 30 times? If not, don’t buy it. Avoid fast-fashion; try charity shops or find your nearest clothes-swap event!
  • Reuse: When you can, buy quality well-made things from durable materials which will last. Repurpose and upcycle to get even more life out of things.
  • Recycle: If you can’t refuse, reduce or reuse, then recycle or rot (compost). Know what is recycled in your area and avoid buying anything non-recyclable.

3. What you eat

4. How you travel

5. Use your voice!

  • Support local conservation work: There are 17 marine conservation groups around Cornwall and lots of other organisations working to protect our Cornish seas. Find out what’s happening in your area and get involved!
  • Get political: Contact your councillor, MP or MEP, speak with them, email them, call their office! These people represent you locally, nationally or internationally, so make sure you know what they’re saying on your behalf.


There are always more ways you can help protect our living seas and beautiful marine life – keep learning and share your passion with others!