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17+ Best Things To Do In Daytona Beach, Florida

Don’t we all crave an affordable beach vacation? This is when Daytona Beach comes into play! This gorgeous location is known for its sand-packed white sandy beaches and motorsports. Apart from its spectacular view, this place has many fun activities, making it the perfect vacation spot and one of the best beaches in America.

So, let’s learn more about Daytona Beach’s white sandy beaches.


This exotic beach town is located in Volusia County, east coast of Florida. Daytona Beach is a very popular vacation spot for its amazing view and special events that are held there. Because of the hard-packed sands on the beach, this place has become a mecca for motorsports.

On the north of Daytona Beach in Ormond Beach and Holly Hill, Daytona Beach Shores, South Daytona, and Port Orange are on the south. This place has 23 miles of exotic white sand beaches that sit on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by various beach attractions.

Daytona Beach on the Atlantic coast has a humid subtropical climate making it the perfect place for a family getaway.

Along with its drivable beaches, it has very calm water, which is great for any fun water activity. It isn’t just called “the world’s most famous beach” for no reason, right?

This place has everything from a beautiful view, annual events, waterfront dining places, beachfront parks, and many fun activities to do.

Visitors can also dolphins on the shoreline, animals like gopher tortoises, and birds like birds of prey from the bird observation tower. Looking at the sunset on the beach also sets the mood for the perfect romantic getaway.

Needless to say, whether it is with family, friends, your significant other, or just yourself, Daytona Beach is the perfect destination for a vacation.

Not only does it have a variety of popular attractions but also an array of beaches. So, there are more than enough places for making unforgettable beach memories!

Daytona spring break

Did you know that Daytona Beach is known for being the “spring break capital of the world“?

This means people, especially students, come to Daytona Beach to have a great spring break and explore the beach and the places around it. You can have awesome deals on hotels that have direct beach access and party all night long.

There is a range of fun beach activities, from rock climbing walls to Frisbee tournaments.

For you to have a great day at the beach, there are boogie boards, parasailing, jet ski, and other fun experience awaiting you there. This place is very budget-friendly and has a variety of activities like live entertainment on Daytona Beach Bandshell for you to enjoy.

You can enjoy your cold beer while looking at the exotic night view of the beach. They have a wild club scene with bars and amusement parks with roller coasters that you can go to if you get tired of the beach. You can also always go to Beach Street, Bahama House, or Lilian Place Heritage Center, and other beach attractions to have fun there!

Where to Stay

Now that we have talked about all this, you might be wondering where to stay in Daytona Beach, Florida? Well, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

There are tons of affordable places to stay here! You can also get yourself a five-star hotel that has direct beach access if you want to.

The point is you can basically find hotels of all ranges and lodge yourself into the one that fits your budget. You can stay near the beach, South Beach Street, Caspersen Beach, Venice Beach, wherever your heart desires.

If you want to stay near the beach, you can go to Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort, Daytona Beach Resort, or Island View Cottages.

If you prefer somewhere quiet, Anchor Inn Bed and Breakfast in New Smyrna Beach is the perfect option. All in all, you can find hundreds of condos, motels, Airbnb’s, and hotels to choose from. A little bit of research can help you find the perfect place for you to stay at.

  • Popular neighborhoods: If you are looking for beautiful neighborhoods in or around Daytona Beach for living or visiting purposes, you will surely not be disappointed by the view they have to offer. Daytona Beach’s neighborhood consists of places like Holy Hill, Ormond Beach, Vero Beach, Ponce Inlet, Beach Street, Daytona Beach Shores, Cocoa Beach, Caspersen Beach, and Ocean Walk Village are a great place for excitement. If you are selecting a hotel or a place to stay, selecting one of these could be really exciting as they come with various fun activities. Daytona Beach has a fitness center, arts center, cat rescue centers, and much more for its residents.

Camping Options

After reading so much about the white sand beaches and the fun neighborhood of Daytona Beach, you might be wondering about the camping options that are available here.

Let’s be real here; the best way to experience a place like this with breathtaking views and white beaches is through camping.

The good news is that there are state parks like Tomoka State Park, Sun Splash Park, Blue Spring State Park, Centennial Park, and Bulow Creek State Park that allows you to camp on the beach!

There is also Lighthouse Point Park, a 52-acre park on South Atlantic Avenue in Ponce Inlet that can be a great location to camp.

This way, you get the best view of the water and can feel nature as well. Moreover, this is the cheapest lodging option that will definitely be within your budget. So if you want to experience the fun attractions of this city, try camping.

Places To Dine

Food is the most important part of every vacation, and so it is a must to know some places to dine at. Whether it be a day trip or an overnight trip, it is a must to know the options that are available to dine at.

You can have all the awesome attractions present, but it can be disappointing if you don’t have a good place to eat.

Lucky for you, this city has amazing places to dine in, from casual eating, coffee shop to authentic food, you can get anything you want.

There are many restaurants in the Daytona Beach Boardwalk, Orange Avenue, Bay Street, Artisan Alley areas; the best type of food you can get is seafood, as Daytona Beach is known for its seafood options.

Many hotels also have a complimentary breakfast which could also be an option. If you love cold beers or craft beers, then Daytona Beach Brewing Company offers beers on tap, which is the place to be at.

Don’t worry about the dining experience because food is something you will get everywhere in this town.

Things To Do

If you want a place with diverse and fun attractions, then Dayton Beach is the place to go. You can have a memorable day trip to the beach and an unforgettable experience of the places nearby. However, here are some of the best things that you can do in this city:

1. Daytona’s Beaches

Daytona Beach Florida

Of course, the best part of this city is its beaches! There are so many white-sand beaches around this place that are absolutely breathtaking and are unique in their own ways. There is a reason that the beaches there are known to be the most beautiful

2. Drive on Daytona Beach

Along the drivable roads of Daytona Beach, there are so many places to go to and look at. You can go to Tomoka State Park, Lilian Place, Daytona Beach Boardwalk, beachfront parks, bait shops, riverfront shops, and so on. A long drive along the shoreline can be very therapeutic as well.

3. Museum of Arts & Sciences

It is the largest museum in central Florida which exhibits Cuban art, Chinese art, Early American furniture, and art. If you are interested in history, looking at these artifacts related to the history of Florida can be a very educational experience.

4. Daytona Lagoon

This park has various attractions and activities that include a water park, which can be a fun place for your family. It is very budget-friendly as well, which is also one of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on going there.

5. Halifax Historical Museum

For history enthusiasts, this place is a must to go to. Not only does it provide you with an insight into history, but it also can be very entertaining.

6. Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art

If you are an art major or just someone who likes seeing art in general, not going to this place is a bummer. It has one of the largest collections of art in the world and features hundreds of artifacts.

7. Daytona International Speedway

daytona 500

It is a very popular racetrack known for organizing Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in NASCAR. For all the race-lovers out there, you shouldn’t miss out on going here.

8. Jackie Robinson Ballpark

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is a must-have place to visit for all of my sports lovers out there. Enjoying the game with your friend and a glass of beer, ah, what an experience it is!

9. The Casements

It is a mansion in Ormond Beach which is used as a cultural center and park. This place overlooks the Halifax river mesmerizing you with its view.

10. Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

You would be missing out if you go to Daytona Beach and don’t go to this place. It is a lighthouse and museum, and the view that you get after climbing to the top of the lighthouse is something else.

11. The Oyster Pub

For all of my foodies out there, it is illegal to go to Daytona Beach and not go here. This pet-friendly restaurant has the best oyster that is a must-try.

12. Caribbean Jack’s

This waterfront restaurant offers you amazing indoor and outdoor seating with the best quality regional seafood, desserts, and tropical drinks. For setting the night mood, it also provides live music on the deck a night.

13. Golf Courses

playing golf

If you love golf, you shouldn’t miss out on the chances to go to the golf courses there. They provide you with some iconic courses which can be very fun to do with friends. Some popular courses include Spruce Creek Country Club, The Deltona Club, Summit Golf Center, Crane Lakes Golf and Country Club, DeBary Golf & Country Club, Pelican Bay Golf Club – North Course, Oceans Golf Club, and the Cypress Head Golf Club.

14. Baseball Games

baseball game

There are so many baseball stadiums in Daytona beach that not going to at least one of them seems like a crime. Grab a glass of beer and go to watch a match with your friends and families!

15. Riverfront Marketplace

A variety of shops, restaurants, attractions and services await you in this waterfront setting. Walking through these riverfront shops at night

16. Ormond Memorial Art Museum

There are various art museums in Daytona that you can visit, and it is one of them. But what sets this apart from other museums is the fact that it celebrates creative freedom and inspires the community through it.

17. Basilica of St. Paul

If you are a religious person, this church is a must-visit as its one of the largest churches in the world. It is important as it is built over the tomb of St. Peter, the first pope.

In conclusion, Daytona Beach has a lot of attractions and places where you can have a great time, along with the beautiful beaches. If you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, visit this exotic and magnificent place for your next vacation!

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