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Bottle Bash Review: How To Play + Rules & Set Up

Bottle Bash by Poleish Sports is an outdoor frisbee game that’s ideal for many types of surfaces but best on a warm sandy beach, camping trips, or a lawn with your friends and family.

Bottle bash is one of the easiest games to play at any skill level, and anyone can join in the fun as it is a perfect team game. You can even incorporate alcohol and chug beer when you lose or miss! Bottle Bash is a relatively new standardized game but has easily swept the continent and became one of the most-loved games of the year.

We decided to dedicate a post to Bottle Bash and explain the rules and give you a few tips and tricks that will surely ensure a win against the opposing team.

Getting The Game Set-Up

Normally, Bottle Bash involves two teams in the game. Each team ideally consists of two players who stand on the same side. The idea is that only teamwork and coordination will ensure that they have an upper hand against the second team.

The game is easy to set up and the setup involves two major elements. First, a pole is inserted in sand or ground with its soft surface spike anchored in the ground. On top of the pole, the players are supposed to position a plastic bottle so that the pole can easily balance it.

This is basically it when it comes to the game set-up. Bottle Bash truly takes less than one minute to set up and the process will not waste any more of your precious time.

The game starts when one of the team members throws the third element, a disc, towards the opponents’ pole. The goal of the game is to hit the pole and try to tumble the bottle. If the team is successful with their disc throwing and tumbling the bottle, they are ascribed game points. The goal is always to do your best to catch the disc and prevent the opposing team to hit the bottle and score points.

If your opponents catch the disc, then you get zero points. And if your opponents manage to tumble your bottle, they get two points. If you fail to catch the disc as it is flying towards your pole, then the opponents get one point. If you manage to catch the bottle as it is falling from the pole including the disc, then the opponent gets zero points, and you can get three points.

The game is played until one reaches up to 21 points, ideally with a two points difference. But as it is with games, rules are always made by those who play, we are just giving a humble suggestion.

Best way to secure the poles

The best way to secure the poles is by anchoring them well into the sand or ground. While playing, a good rule of thumb is ensuring that one pole tender takes care of the disc and tries to catch the disc while the other ensures that the bottle and the pole remain in place.

Strategies to Win

The best way to secure a win in Bottle Bash is to split the task between you and your team member. This means that each of you should focus on one specific thing, for example, if your team member is focusing on the disc, then you can focus on the pole and the bottle. If it all falls down, you risk your opponents gaining a lot of points.

If you and your team member focus on individual tasks you may be able to both catch the bottle and the disc and gain some points for yourself.

Remember you can always target practice for 10-20 minutes before playing.

Another great tip is not to aggravate the opposing team by throwing the disc in a way that is impossible to catch. This will surely cause the other team to play roughly and make the game more competitive.

Why It’s Great for the Beach

the beach rangers

Bottle Bash is perfect for a beach setup because the polls have an anchor that is easily fixated in the sand and can sustain winds. The entire setup is lightweight and comes packed in an easy-to-carry bag, so you don’t have to worry about any extra weight while enjoying your beach day.

Beach days can be very long and sometimes can even get a bit boring so the Bottle Bash will keep your family entertained for hours on end.

For Parties

Bottle Bash is ideal for backyard fun and a flat surface. The game is a beloved birthday entertainment and will ensure that your party will be fun and engaging. The duration of the game can be short, but also go on for hours. After finishing one game, you can alternate team members ensuring that everyone can participate.

Do’s and Dont’s of Gameplay

Here is another great tip of what to do to ensure a great bottle strike experience, if you are struggling with finding more people to play the game you can play it one-on-one. You can try to catch the ball with your disk as it is falling. If you manage to the disc, flip it, and catch the bottle with it, you can secure yourself some points.

Removing foot pieces from the pole is done to better fixate the pole in the sand, however, we do advise you to avoid this as sand may build up inside the pole or at least make sure that you rinse the pole to remove the sand. We also advise never to use glass bottles, especially beer bottles, use the original bottle or lifelike plastic bottles. If you must use another bottle, use unbreakable bottles.

You can conduct your gameplay in still water as long as you ensure that it’s not saltwater. When playing in the water, treat your poles with an anti-corrosion liquid.

In case you lose the disc, do not use frisbee or some other disc-like elements. Frisbees are usually made of hard material and are not ideal for Bottle Bash poles. Using dense throwing elements can cause damage to your poles therefore we advise you to only use Bottle Bash equipment.

Wrapping up

There you have it, Bottle Bash is a fun and engaging game for players of all ages. Check out their store at Poleish Sports and order a set for yourself. Do you have the stamina and coordination for this fun game? Can your team get to 21 points?

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