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How To Play Tidalball: Rules, Strategy, Gameplay [2022]

Are you looking for a great beach game to play with your friends or family? Then it would be best if you considered TidalBall. TidalBall is among the few most popular beach games played by people all around the globe.

The rules are straightforward: two teams of two players each take turns throwing a ball into a target point set up on the beach.

This game aims to get rid of as many of your opponent’s “tide” as you can by hitting them with a ball that is larger than theirs. The first team to eliminate their opponents’ balls wins the round. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it is… until… you start playing against more than one or two opponents! That’s when the real fun begins! Below are some of the essential things you need to know about the TidalBall.

TidalBall Rules & Gameplay

There are several rules that players need to adhere to when playing TidalBall, and failure leads to disqualification. Those rules are:

1. Players must stay in their half of the court at all times.

Every player must maintain half of the court throughout the entire duration of the game. In addition, no player can enter the opposing player’s half of the court or vice versa.

This rule is fundamental as it will prevent unnecessary arguments and ensure every player has an equal opportunity to win the game.

2. A player who has moved their ball into the opponent’s court must withdraw from the game.

If a player has moved their ball into the opponent’s court, that player must immediately withdraw from the game and return the ball to their half of the court. If a player fails to do so, they will be automatically disqualified.

3. The drum is ringed with yellow tape on its outer edge, and the “strike zone” is from about three inches above the top of the rim to just inside the yellow line.

4. While the drum is in play. Players may not use any kind of equipment except a beach ball

(About 12 inches in circumference). In addition, any other kind of ball (such as a golf ball or softball) used by a player will be removed from play, and that player will be penalized.

5. When a player throws their ball into the drum, it must meet the following two criteria:

A. the throwing motion must be smooth and continuous. No jerking of the arm or twisting the body is allowed while throwing the ball into the drum.

b. The point of aim of the throw must be directed at the middle of the target area. If the end of aim is off to the right or left of the target area, the throw will not be legal, and the player who made such an illegal throw will lose that round.

How to play the TidalBall game

One player from each team runs to the opposing player’s half of the court and puts a beach ball there to start the game.

The two teams then take turns in throwing their balls into the drum. The first team to get rid of all its balls wins that round, and the first player to do so wins the game.

1. Form two teams! Diving the players into two teams will make the game more exciting and help it reach a swift conclusion. One team will consist of one player, and the other team will be made up of the remaining player from that same team plus the second player from his team.

That means every team member will be playing against the other team. That is important as it will ensure every player has an equal chance to win the game.

2. Have the players stand behind their respective halves of the court by having the players stand behind their separate halves of the court; the goal will be to eliminate the opposing team before they can eliminate you.

That will add an extra dimension to the excitement of the game as it will force the players to work much harder to eliminate your balls before they can eliminate theirs.

3. Give each team equal chances to throw each player has two chances to throw their first set of two balls into the drum to ensure fair and level playing. After that, the team who didn’t get all their balls into the drum will get a second chance.

If that team fails to get all their balls into the drum on their second attempt, they will be eliminated from that particular round of the game, and the ball will be re-racked and played again until one of the teams wins that round.

4. Should a team have all its members eliminated in one elimination round, that team loses immediately, and the other team moves on to the next round.

5. At the end of the second round of throws, the team with the most remaining players advances to the third round. The third round is exactly like the second, except the players only get one chance to throw their remaining balls.

6. After the third round, the team with the least number of players left is eliminated, and the opposing team moves on to the next player.

Playing Strategies

It would help if you used the following top playing strategies when you are playing this game:

1. The first strategy is, don’t think about what you are doing, just do it.

That is the most important strategy of all. If you stop thinking and worrying about the game’s outcome, then there is no chance of you making any mistake.

On the other hand, if you think about the game’s result, you will be plagued with doubts and second thoughts that will hold you back. Remember, your only job when playing this game is to get rid of as many balls as possible.

2. The second strategy is to eliminate the opposing team members one by one. That will not only win you the game, but it will also add a huge amount of excitement to the game. When one of your members is eliminated, it gives the other team members a chance to rejoice.

3. Don’t worry if you miss the target area a few times. Keep trying, and eventually, you will succeed. The object of the game is to eliminate all the opposing team members and not to score as many points as you can.

4. As a general rule, the farther away from the target area you aim, the less likely you are to hit the target area. But again, keep trying, and you will eventually succeed.

In Summary

More Gabe At The Ocean

I love playing beach games like TidalBall by the ocean with my family. I know it is not always easy to find the time to go but when we do, it is so much fun! It is very refreshing and relaxing to be on the sand and play some of our favorite games or just take a break and watch the waves come in.

I love playing beach games by the ocean with my family because it gives us an opportunity to spend time together, reconnect, and have some fun in the sun.

The beach is the perfect place for playing games.

The game may seem to be so random, but it is very effective in helping people clear their minds. It also helps relax your body and forget about the worries of life.

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