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The 7+ Best Beach Wagon Carts For Summer Fun [2022]

Beach wagons or beach carts are just as important as beach chairs; this is because you need a cart to take your beach essentials to and from the beach.

A collapsible wagon is essential to carry all beach gear and beach toys, so it also needs appropriate storage space. Therefore, to make your beach trips much more fun, you need a beach wagon to roll smoothly on beach sand and carry all your beach bags and beach umbrellas.

At first, here are some affordable beach carts that might help make your beach day more relaxed. All of them have carrying capacity and a balance between quality and their own weight, so they are a perfect choice for you and your beach necessities.

Best High-End Beach Wagon Cart

The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart: This wagon/cart has ample storage space for your beach items and also is a foldable cart. This also has an adjustable handle and 2 mesh cup holders. The wheels of this wagon can’t lock, which some users found annoying. Overall, it is a good cart that can easily glide across the soft sand.

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Best Budget Option

The Pure Garden Collapsible Utility Wagon with Telescoping Handle: Another cart that glides on soft sand with ease but is more affordable. This collapsible beach wagon can carry a heavy load. It has sturdy wheels that can carry your weight and has extra pockets and a mesh compartment. This compact size is easy to carry but has broken parts that you might need to fix.

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Best Beach Cart with Large Balloon Tires

The Galvanox Collapsible Heavy Duty Balloon Wheel Beach Cart: The wheels of this cart are much better than plastic wheels for sand. The weight capacity of this heavy-duty frame is a lot. Furthermore, it also has a collapsible design so easy to load in your vehicle. It also has mesh pockets and mesh compartments for storage.

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Best for Soft Sand

The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon: It has an attached mini table with built-in cup holders and a heavy-duty steel frame. Moreover, it has all-terrain wheels with a storage compartment with exceptional durability and a load capacity of up to 150 pounds. This is a foldable design but easily collapsible as it has three wheels.

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The best option for kids

The Green Toys Wagon: This wagon is for kids for their sand toys with durable rubber wheels. It is made without BPA, PVC, and other chemicals, so safe for children. However, the folding handle is a bit too short for some kids, and the rope is attached to the handle. It has compact storage, the cheapest option for a cart!

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Best collapsible option

The VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon: An excellent option for effortless transport of beach equipment in a single trip. This folding cart has additional cup holders and a maximum weight capacity of 80kg. Moreover, it has an adjustable handle but no brakes on the wheels, so it can be hard to park in a place.

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Best big wheel option

The Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide: Wide pneumatic tires can easily move in deep sand and soft sand. It also has a side umbrella holder and a durable, heavy-duty frame. This wheeler beach cart has enough strength to carry all your heaviest items, but it will need some assembly when you buy it.

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Buying considerations

Before you start looking for a beach cart from Mac Sports or other brands for your next Rio beach trip, here are some things that should be looked for in a potential beach cart of excellent quality.

  1. Cart Or Wagon: What’s the difference?: There is no real difference between beach cart and wagon as long as they both have convenient storage space, wide wheels, and sturdy frames for transporting your beach products. They are both versatile carts that can be used anywhere; however, they are more fit to glide along loose sand than concrete.
  2. Pockets And Compartments: A nice beach cart should also have enough space and compartments to store beach towels and other necessities and still have extra storage. Having additional compartments can keep your wet things away from dry things as well as help you store things in a more neat way.
  3. Material: The material of your cart linen should be polyester fabric or a similar fabric that is strong, durable, and waterproof. A good material will have more maximum weight capacity compared to a cheaper material. In addition to that, excellent durability will mean that the cart linen will not rip easily and also be easy to clean. A steel frame of the cart is also a good material.
  4. Type Of Terrain: A durable cart with heavy-duty wheels should be able to travel on any type of terrain. For this, the presence of an adjustable handle and rugged wheels is also important so you can maneuver the cart in any direction. Depending on where you are going, look for a cart that can easily travel on any type of beach terrain!
  5. Weight Capacity: One of the most important parts of a cart that you purchase is how much weight it can handle. On average, a beach cart or wagon can carry 15 to 25 pounds of weight. An innovative design can hold much more weight as well. So look for what meets your demands.
  6. Maneuverability: A more maneuverable cart will be much smoother and easier to take along. You should try to rotate your cart 360 degrees, and if it does so with ease, then it has good maneuverability. This feature depends on the handle as well as the wheels of the cart, which should be able to rotate in any direction.
  7. Storage size: There should always be extra storage so that along with the heavy products, you can load on a lot of products. If the carrying capacity is small, you won’t be able to put in larger things like your beach chair or other beach game items. Therefore, make sure that your cart is big enough to have excellent weight capacity as well as enough space for all your stuff.
  8. Ease of Assembly: Sometimes, a cart that you choose to buy is so hard to assemble that you give up. So, make sure to buy a cart that needs minimum assembly, and the instruction for assembly are easy enough to understand and follow. You can make sure of the ease of assembly by looking through the reviews if ordering online.

Other Considerations

Here are some other things that should be kept in mind when choosing a cart for your next beach holiday.

  1. Compactness: A beach cart that you choose should be compact enough to fit in your car and your garage. It should not take too much space as that can be a hindrance when driving the cart.
  2. Wheels: Good carts or wagons that are made for the beach have big and wide wheels, so they don’t lose balance and are easy to transport. Make sure to check the wheels of your cart and how comfortable they will be on deep sand or any other type of sand.
  3. Handle: The grip handle should, of course, be adjustable to be comfortable for people of any height. You should also look for a padded or comfortable handle, so your hands don’t get bruised while pulling the load.
  4. Style: There are many styles and types of beach carts that you can find, and you have to make sure the one that you choose will be comfortable on the sand. Some are made for soft sand, while others are better on hard sand, so make sure to do your research.

How Should You Clean Your Beach Wagon?

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Here are some simple steps that you can follow to clean your wagon after a hectic beach day.

  • First, look for all the dirty areas in sunlight so they are more visible and you know the extent of dirt on your wagon or cart.
  • Then you should begin to dissemble and remove all the removable parts for a more thorough cleaning. You can skip this part if you just want a simple cleaning process.
  • For cleaning, use detergent for the fabric and brush the fabric or wash it in the washing machine if it will not harm the fabric. Make sure to focus on the dirty areas.
  • After that, use a hose to clean unreachable parts and all the removable parts that are dirty, like the wheels.
  • Now, your cleaning part is done, but you need to dry the wagon in the sun, which might take a few hours or a day, depending on the weather and your wagon.
  • Reassemble all the parts, but make sure that they are completely dry before doing so. If they are not dry, there can be a danger of rust buildup. To make sure it is dry, wipe everything with a cloth to make sure it is dry.

Will a Wagon Roll on The Sand?

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Yes, a wagon and a cart will roll on the beach. Nowadays, you can find special carts and wagons made for the beach, so they easily roll on the sand. The thing is to find a wagon that does this! A lightweight and durable wagon will roll on the sand and carry all your things for you. This is great when going on a beach with family or kids as you will have many products or essentials to carry at once.

In conclusion, if you are a frequent beach user, make sure to buy a beach cart to make your trips easier and much more relaxed. Buy a cart or wagon with good quality so it can last for a long time as well.

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