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13 Things To Do At The Beach When It’s Raining [2022]

We have all been there before. You have planned your beach trip days in advance and you are ready to enjoy the warm sun.

In the morning, you see that it is raining and you get disappointed because of your wasted efforts.

However, next time when this happens to us, we should remember that we have a choice.

We can either stay in our house or hotel and sulk or embrace the experience and explore what’s around us. The city might be a lovely place during rainy weather!

Here are 13 things you can do on those inconvenient, rainy beach days.

Remember, you’ll want some cold weather beach outfits if it gets chilly.

Things To Do At The Beach When It’s Raining

In the event that it rains on a beach vacation, there are a few things that can be done. There are three considerations: The rain pattern, whether the storm is nearby or far away, and whether the storm is over land or over water.

If it rains on a beach vacation and the weather pattern is a slow drizzle, one option is to head inside and spend time in an air-conditioned space.

There may be opportunities to visit museums or participate in other indoor activities if it’s raining outside.

If it’s raining on a beach vacation but the weather pattern is something heavier like a thunderstorm, then someone may want to take cover as quickly as possible before lightning strikes happen nearby.

In general, storms that are nearby should be taken more seriously than those that are far away.

Below are the 13 Things to do at the Beach When It’s Raining:

1. Sit In A Hotel Veranda If You Can Get One

Sit In A Hotel Shelter If You Can Get One

Most hotels have a little veranda. You can sit in them and eat dinner or watch the tourists as they wander by, wondering what the heck you’re doing in there.

2. Read A Book Or Watch A Movie Or TV Show

Using your phone or laptop, you can watch content on a tape until the rain lets up. You’ll be finished with your current project and won’t even remember that it was raining. Plus, you’ll have all kinds of new stuff to study or watch. Or break out a beach board game!

3. Walk Down To The Shore And Count Sand Dollars

These little guys are found only at the beach, and they only live in the water. They are sort of like sea stars that grow to about an inch and a half long.

When they mature, they shed their soft, outer shell and expose a hard, brownish-red star-shaped inner “nucleus.” this nucleus then becomes the home for the animal or plant that will grow up inside.

4. Walk To The Other Side Of The Beach And Count Stars

Walk To The Other Side Of The Beach And Count Stars

That is another great activity for adults and kids. You’ll be searching for constellations, galaxies, nebulas, planets, comets, meteors, asteroids, and any other star or celestial object you can find. It’s a leisurely pastime that will relax your mind and put you in a state of calm wonder.

5. Go For A Walk

When it’s raining, the whole world becomes a park. Just keep an eye out for those famous Hollywood “hot ties” (they’re almost always female) and keep an even keel. Don’t try to impress anyone. Just enjoy the scenery and get some exercise.

6. Go Shopping In Local Stores

Go Shopping In Local Stores

You’ll be surprised at the bargains you can get when the stores are mostly empty. Even better, go after nightfall. When it’s dark and gloomy, and the “cops” are on the street, you’ll find all kinds of thieves and hustlers and other assorted lowlifes that will give you a much more pleasurable experience than going for a walk during the day.

7. Write Postcards

Write Postcards

That is a great activity to do when it starts raining at the beach. That will help pass the time until you can watch your taped shows or movies. You should write something like this: I am having such a great time here in So-and-So City.

It is lovely and quiet, and I can do anything I want. There is a hotel shelter with cable TV, and I can eat dinner in front of it every evening. Today I walked down by the beach and counted stars till my eyes hurt.

It is so beautiful here, and I can’t wait to bring some of it home with me. Reading such later will make your memories enjoyable.

8. Take A Road Trip

There are so many “byways” and “lurking’ places” all over this country that you’ll find it hard to believe. Take a road trip and visit all the interesting small towns along the way. You’ll have something to talk about for years to come.

9. Plan Things You Will Do When The Rain Stops

Plan Things You Will Do When The Rain Stops

When the sun is out, go for a hike or a bike ride, or a walk around town. During those inevitable rainy days, curl up in front of a fire and dream about what you’re going to do later. Don’t wait for the sun to shine; start living in the present and planning your future vacations.

10. Enjoy The Beach View From The Hotel’s Balcony

Enjoy The Beach View From The Hotel's Balcony

If you are at a nice hotel with a beach view, you can enjoy the view when it starts raining at the beach. All you need is to choose an excellent viewpoint and enjoy the view.

You can drink a beer, smoke a cigar, or relax and watch the clouds roll in and out of the ocean. That is one of the great pleasures of life.

11. Watch Beach Movies

when it starts to rain at the beach, you can utilize that time to watch your favorite beach movies without being interrupted by the kids or the surfers or whatever else people do when it’s sunny out.

12. Go To A Garage Sale

Garage sales are great anytime, but when it starts raining, they are truly spectacular. Just wander around and look at all the excellent stuff people have thrown away. You’ll find treasures and bargains galore.

13. Walk On The Beach When It Is Snowing!

Walk On The Beach When It Is Snowing

There is something magical about walking on a beach when it is raining. The heavy layer of snow muffles the waves on the water’s surface, and there is something very peaceful and soothing about it.

In Summary

One of the reasons people dislike rainy days is that they are known to ruin many outdoor activities. However, it does not have to be the case. If you are well-prepared for this issue, you can take care of it without too much fuss.

It’s annoying when your beach trip is ruined by rainy weather…

But it’s not all bad because at least there is a chance to spend time inside and be creative.

Sometimes the weather can change without any sign while at the beach. In case the weather changes from a sunny hot day to a rainy one while you are at the beach, there are several things you can do and continue enjoying your stay.

For example, if it starts to pour, take cover in one of those hotel “shelters” and buy some peanuts and popcorn. Or maybe a soft drink or two.

You can do so many things when it starts raining at the beach. However, the 13 Things to do at the Beach When It’s Raining discussed above should be your main priorities.

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