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10+ Characteristics of a Beach Bum: Do You Qualify?

The beach bum lifestyle is a way of life that is all about living in the moment.

It’s about being in the present and enjoying every single day. It’s about being happy with what you have and not worrying too much about what you don’t have.

Whether you’re a true ‘bum’ living on the beach, or a 9-5 office worker who spends all their free time surfing and snorkeling, we’ve identified some of the top characteristics of a beach bum.

Check them out and see how you line up!

Beach Bum Characteristics

1. Shaggy Unkempt Hair

man in black crew neck shirt with shaggy hair

A beach bum has untamed hair that has been left natural and not given a lot of care or even taken off at all. They don’t care about their hair because they are so relaxed from the activities at the beach that they have no time or energy for their hair. The salt can also give their hair a kind of glow, which is another way you can positively identify this ocean species.

2. Perennial Tan

A beach bum has developed a permanent tan that never goes away. Tan is a term used to describe the appearance of someone who spends most of his time around the water.

People with fair skin need only stay in the sun for a few minutes a day to get a tan, but people with dark skin must stay in the sun for more extended periods to get a full-body tan.

3. Barefoot

Barefooted Beachbum

When you walk on a beach, you usually have shoes on, and even if you don’t, you can still make yourself comfortable by simply putting your feet into the sand. But when it comes to beach bummers, they prefer to keep their feet bare while walking on the beach.

That is because they feel as if they are stepping on a sandcastle, and they don’t want to disturb it by slipping their foot inside a shoe.

4. VW Van and Surfboard

Beach Bum with Surfboard

A beach bum spends most of their time on the beach in a van or on a surfboard. That is because a surfboard is the most suitable form of transport for this person. You may have a bicycle, but it would be useless when surfing, and you cannot ride it over the waves.

If you have a surfboard, you can hop on, put your feet in the front of the board, and off you go. The only problem with this kind of transportation is paying for parking at the beach and parking with no other cars or bikes.

5. Pot Smoker

Pot Smoking on Beach

Beach bums are notoriously associated with weed smoking. Nowadays, marijuana is a lot more accepted, so we don’t frown on the beach bum for this habit as much as we used to.

6. Covered In A Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket

While on the beach, a beach bum must have something to lay under if they want to sit down. That is why beach bums have beach blankets. They will take the blanket out, lie on top of it, and then enjoy the sunshine and the sea air.

A beach blanket is more comfortable than any other beach chair or lounge chair because it is easy to put up and take down and because you can keep an eye on what is happening around you while you rest. If they live on the beach, they may get themselves a beach tent and beach chair to make their lifestyle a bit more comfortable.

7. In College Forever

college graduation celebration

A beach bum does not have a job because they enjoy spending their time at the ocean. If they had too demanding a job, they would need to spend most of their time at work.

But since they are on ‘permanent’ vacation, they can hang out on the beach and enjoy the time with family and friends. They can earn enough money from this activity to pay for food and other expenses- maybe by doing odd jobs, living off an inheritance, or just mooching off parents and friends.

They do not mind working because they are enjoying themselves in this manner. If they are ever asked to go back to work, it is always after they have spent time in a job that is not fulfilling for them.

8. Always Somewhat Sandy

Sandy Beach Bum

Beach bums are always sandy because they get sand on their feet when walking around the beach. Of course, they can wash the sand off with a bit of water if they want to, and they are not worried about their feet getting wet.

They are more worried about getting sunburned. That is why they will always wear sunscreen, even when it is not sunny outside. They do not like getting sunburned because this could be dangerous for them and others if they get burned too badly.

9. Part-time Bartender

Par time Bartender

Most of the beach bums do not have permanent jobs. They work on nearby bars and hotels to make a few dollars while on vacation. But when the weather becomes scorching and humid, they end up working longer hours than normal.

Since they cannot afford to quit their job during this time, they end up spending their nights sitting inside a bar that is already closed. When the weather is nice again, the bar owners and other customers can see them sitting inside the bar at odd times.

That is why they earn a good reputation because people enjoy coming to the bar and watching them work.

10. Long-term Vacationer

Vacation in Beach

Beach bums have a lot of freedom to enjoy their life on vacation. They can come home every day, take a shower, and go to sleep.

Of course, there are some days when they have to be out and about at the beach to earn money, while other days they can spend time in the hotel room with family and friends.

They also spend a lot of time reading books, watching movies, and making plans for the future.

Beach Bum Clothing

Beach bums are people who spend a lot of time at the beach. They are usually not dressed in fancy clothes, but rather wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to take off and put on.

Beach bums usually wear shorts, t-shirts, sandals, sunglasses, and hats. They also sometimes wear bathing suits or other swimwear- with the guys preferring sun hats for men.

Beach bums are known for their laid-back style. They wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in.

The clothing of a beach bum is usually casual and comfortable. Beach bums wear clothes that are easy to move around in, such as shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

Some beach bums might wear swimsuits to the beach. Others might wear a bathing suit with shorts or pants over it. Some people might also wear sandals to the beach.


beach sunset

I love this lifestyle because it makes me feel free and happy. I don’t have to worry about anything, I can just enjoy my time on earth.

Do you love spending time at the beach and wondering if you have become a beach bum? A beach bum is a person who spends their time on the beach doing something other than working.

Formerly, a beach bum used to work hard all week and then spent his weekends lying by the water. Today, however, people come to the beach to exercise, play with their children, read books, or do anything but work.

Being a beach bum doesn’t mean that you spend your days relaxing on the beach all day. This piece shall discuss 10 Characteristics of a Beach Bum. They include;

The beach bum lifestyle is rewarding. Beach bums enjoy time with friends and family while earning enough money to support themselves.

The beach bum lifestyle is not for everyone, but if you have been looking for a way to get away from stress and enjoy life, then you might want to consider becoming a beach bum.

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