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How to Make a Bonfire on the Beach [11 Easy Tips]

  • Do some local Googling to figure out if it’s legal!
  • If you want to make a bonfire on the beach, make sure you dig a deep pit to insert your locally sourced firewood to help block the wind.
  •  Make sure you build the bonfire closer to the water- below the high tide line
  • Make sure you bring at least six pieces of firewood for your bonfire- and plenty of kindling like paper or lint
  • No accelerants like lighter fluid- apparently accelerants can pollute the sand
  • Bring plenty of bug repellents for those biting insects
  • If you throw some sand on the fire, it will crackle and spark!
  • Don’t leave the fire unattended- especially if kids are around
  • Pack some blankets, bring a beach cart and some beach chairs
  • A beach bucket is a great place to store ice-cold drinks and it will help you douse the fire at the end of the night
  • When you put out the fire, don’t smother it with sand because it might insulate the hot coals and someone might step on it!
  • If you want the effect of a bonfire at home, get yourself an outdoor wood burning firepit

Beaches are very popular places that many people like to visit. Local beaches provide relaxation, recreation, and give visitors a chance to enjoy bonfires. That’s right you can relax on the beach with a bonfire!

Many people light bonfires on the beach at sunset or when it’s dark. If you’re wondering how to make a bonfire on the beach, keep reading this information. It will explain everything you need to know about this fun activity.

Watch how to get your beach bonfire going

I love beach bonfires. The way that the embers fly upwards and turn into a shower of sparks is just so beautiful. There are few things in life that can make you feel as alive as a beach bonfire.

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Legal? Make sure you’re allowed to have a bonfire on the beach

Not all beach areas allow visitors to light fires. As a matter of fact, many local beach fronts are opposed to this activity. As a rule of thumb, do not light a bonfire unless you know for certain that this activity is permitted.

If not, you can get yourself into a lot of legal trouble. The quickest way you can find out if bonfires are okay is by asking a lifeguard or a beach patrol officer. They will usually have enough experience and knowledge about lighting fires for recreational use. You can also check online on a beach property’s website.

Most online sites for beaches will let visitors know if they are able to light fires or not. Checking with the local law enforcement agency is also a good idea before you light a bonfire.

If you are permitted to make a bonfire then do it. Just make sure that you can so you don’t get into trouble. Also, don’t start stealing sand from the beach (you know you want to!)

General Things about Lighting a Bonfire on the Beach

people sitting on brown sand near bonfire during night time

Lighting a bonfire on the beach is not a hard thing to do if you have the right materials and choose the right location. Keep in mind that not all beaches are the same. The information provided here will give you a general idea about how to light a bonfire.

You might have to make some adjustments based on your location and even local regulations regarding bonfires. Beach bonfires are not the same as lighting a fire in the woods.

Beach bonfires typically do not have a stone base to keep the fire contained in an area. Most beach areas typically do not have stones but some of them do. If stones are not available, then simply draw a circle in the sand and use it as a guide to determine the size of your fire.

By the way, don’t create a huge fire area that you cannot control. Your bonfire’s perimeter shouldn’t be more than 3 feet. You can make it slightly bigger if you want to. However, a fire area that is 5 or more feet will be pretty big and you will have less control over it.

Just use common sense and good judgement when figuring out the size of the fire.

Selecting the Right Type of Wood

bonfire wood

Most beachfront areas don’t have a lot of wood lying around. Some beachfront areas do. You don’t want to use driftwood from an ocean or body of water. This type of wood will not burn all that well because it is normally soaked with water.

If you plan your fire in advance you can bring some wood in your vehicle that will burn well in fire. Some beaches are located next to wooded areas, and you might be able to find wood for burning from these areas.

Once again, you have to make sure you’re not destroying the environment or an animal’s habitat when collecting these resources. You definitely should not chop down any trees to obtain wood unless you have permission to do so.

Once you have your wood, arrange it in a way within your circle so it is contained. You can also add brush (if it’s available) to help the fire to burn.

Don’t forget some fun beach games to keep you and your family entertained!

How to Light the Bonfire

Light the Bonfire

The best way to light a bonfire is to bring lighter fluid and a device that produces fire. Place the lighter fluid on the firewood and then light it with your fire-making devices. A fire-making device can be a lighter stick, a cigarette lighter, or matches.

There are other lighter devices that you can use as well. Once you light the fire, stay in the area to make sure that it doesn’t get out of control. You can also use your fire to make smores or simply to warm yourself while you’re enjoying the beach at night.

In Summary

pink and orange beach sunset

I love beach bonfires because they are so romantic and special. I love the way the fire reflects in your eyes and how it makes your skin glow. I love how we can just lay there, looking at the stars together, not saying anything.

I love beach bonfires because they are a perfect way to spend time with people you care about. I like how we can all get together and share stories while roasting marshmallows over the fire. I love how it feels when you’re sitting there next to someone you care about and watching the sparks fly up into the sky, wishing on them.

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