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How to Pose At The Beach For Pictures [11+ Ideas]

With so many people photographing us, it’s essential to look good, mainly if you publish Instagram pictures from the beach.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite beach poses for girls (and some for guys) and some tips to make yourself look great, even when your bathing suit leaves little to the imagination.

Ensure you learn how to wear your hair at the beach to look amazing in your photos!

Some of our favorite poses:


This is probably the most classic pose- suck in that gut!

Ballerina arch

She almost looks like she’s about to be beamed aboard an alien mothership. If you’ve got the athleticism, go for it! When it gets cold, maybe try out these poses in wetsuits.

Staring into the sun

Try staring into the sun (just not directly, or you’ll go blind!)

Cute beach towel selfie

Here’s a classic- suck in that gut once again! Check out how to get a sun-kissed, blonde surfer hair look like she has.

Hot beach chair selfie

Get that 3/4 angle on your iPhone- she looks like a real beach bum! A great pose when you’re by yourself.

Leaving the water

Laugh as you leave the surf- one of the best posing ideas.

Palm tree pose

Recruit a nearby tree for this sexy snap in your swimsuit.

Muscular pose

For guys and girls, striking a bodybuilder pose can be pretty striking.

The sand toss

This girl will surely have some tar stains on her- learn how to get rid of beach tar from your skin so you don’t track it into your home!

The showroom pose

She must work in a car showroom!

Here are a few beach pose tips for social media success

1. Keep your legs together

While women can afford to keep their legs apart, men should keep them together. While this may be uncomfortable while sitting, it can help your body look its best when standing.

2. Pull your knees into your chest

woman in gray monokini

When sitting on a beach towel or lying on the sand, use your arms to pull your knees close to you. This will make you look taller and slimmer.

3. Keep your arms and shoulders relaxed

Keep your arms and shoulders relaxed

When hanging out on the beach, you should not be stiff. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed so that you look soft and approachable.

4. Never cross your legs

Wearing tight or revealing clothing will make it hard for people to get a good look at your legs when they stand up, especially when they are being photographed. So keep them closed!

5. Keep your back straight

Keep your back straight

Avoid slouching or leaning into a chair when sitting or lying on the beach. Keep your back straight and relax!

6. Don’t pull up your shirt

Don't pull up your shirt-min

Wearing sleeveless shirts will help you look tanner and more relaxed. So let your arms fall at your sides instead of pulling them up and away from your body when you lie down.

7. Keep your hands relaxed

People will notice your hands more if you keep them relaxed and down. Try not to look like you are constantly holding something in front of you.

8. Take a few deep breaths

To look good in pictures, taking a few deep breaths out on the beach is essential. Deep breathing will make you look taller and slimmer, and since people usually stand away from the beach while shooting photographs, it will help you appear commanding and robust.

9. Keep your head up

Keep your head up

When you are at the beach and see someone taking pictures of you, keep your head up, even if you don’t want to smile for the camera. Turning it down will make you look smaller!

10. Keep your eyes open

Lying on the beach makes it impossible for people to get a good look at your eyes. So keep your eyes open and make eye contact with the photographer. It’s easy to relax your face when you look at them.

11. Keep your arms relaxed

Keep your arms relaxed

This tip has nothing to do with the previous one, but it is helpful to know if you are taking a picture so your photographer knows exactly what to do! Keep your arms relaxed and down by your sides, and don’t hold them in front of yourself.

12. Accessorize

Custom lapel pins are a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit, and they’re perfect for summertime style. Whether hitting the beach or running errands, these pins will help you look your best.

Various bikini lapel pins are available on the market, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Try a colorful patterned pin if you’re looking for something fun and funky. Wear a solid-colored pin in a muted hue for a more classic look.

No matter what your style, lapel pins are an easy way to add personality to any outfit. Or if you want to virtue signal with the latest political cause, try a “Nasty Woman” or “Resist” pin. Whichever you choose, make sure it expresses who you are!

What Not to Do When Posing at The Beach for Pictures

What Not to do When Posing at The Beach for Pictures

When posing for photographs, you should avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Don’t walk into the shot: If you are posing for a picture and approaching the photographer, turn your back and let them take it.
  2. Don’t be too serious: When people take pictures of you, they want to see you having a good time. If you are smiling but looking too severe, it will look unnatural in the picture.
  3. Don’t cross your arms: This does not mean to keep your arms down! Crossing them over yourself will make you look closed off and defensive.
  4. Don’t stand over the photographer: When you stand in front of a photographer and taking pictures of yourself, stand tall and bring your face level with yours. This will help to make your body look slimmer.
  5. Don’t smile so big: Even when you are happy, don’t smile so big that it makes your face look closed off. It will make you look nervous.
  6. Don’t push your face forward: If you are smiling, if you are uncomfortable with your smile, and if it won’t look natural in the picture, don’t push your face forward and make yourself look like a rabbit.
  7. Don’t make a hasty move: No one wants to see a sudden action when someone takes pictures. Take your time, and walk slowly and calmly to the photographer, making you look more relaxed and confident.


empty beautiful beach at night

Posing at the beach for pictures can be challenging, but you will soon have it down pat with some practice. When posing for pictures, remember to keep your body relaxed and avoid crossing your arms over each other, smiling so big that your face looks closed off, or making too much of a hasty move when someone is taking pictures of you.

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